Staying Safe at Work during Florida’s Construction Boom

In the last year, there were 40,100 new construction jobs in Florida, according to the Sun-Sentinel citing state data. This is over a 10 percent increase from the year prior. It’s an excellent state to be a construction worker these days, now that Florida leads the nation in new construction jobs.

Florida is a Hotspot for New Construction Jobs

The number of construction jobs in South Florida has risen dramatically over the last year.

  • Miami-Dade County: 4,400 new jobs (12.3 percent growth)
  • Palm Beach County: 2,100 new jobs (7.6 percent growth)
  • Broward County: 1,700 new jobs (4.9 percent growth)


Why such a boom? Economist J. Antonio Villamil explains according to the Sun-Sentinel, “[Florida is] starting to attract younger millennials. Broward is having success in corporate headquarters. This all increases the demand for apartments and good housing.”

Other reasons for the upswing in the construction industry in Florida include the following.

  • General population growth
  • Better employment
  • Low-rate mortgages (which translates into more condo, apartment complexes, and homes built)

Construction Injuries

An increase in construction jobs may mean an increase in the number of young construction companies and entry-level trade workers that lack experience. Lack of experience can increase the risk of injury. It’s important for employers and workers to ensure they are properly trained and follow all necessary safety protocols to prevent workplace accidents.

Below are some of the most common accidents at construction sites.

  • Scaffold accidents
  • Equipment and tool accidents
  • Accidents involving ladders and stairs
  • Falls off of roofs or platforms
  • Electrical mishaps
  • Cranes and forklift accidents
  • Repetitive use injuries
  • Chemical-related illnesses and injuries


If you are a construction worker in Florida, make sure you wear adequate safety gear and make sure you get proper training before handling dangerous tasks.

Staying Safe at Construction Sites

To prevent an accident at work, take safety precautions such as those listed below.

  • Wear all pertinent safety gear (goggles, harnesses, masks, etc.).
  • Use proper form when lifting.
  • Only work with chemicals in a well-ventilated area.
  • Never block exits with equipment or stock.
  • Keep your work area clean and clutter-free.
  • Unplug any tools or equipment you are not using.
  • Take short, frequent breaks to prevent overstraining your muscles.
  • Get adequate training. If you don’t understand a duty or have a question, ask your employer.
  • Follow all the safety procedures your employer gives you. If you notice a hazard that your employer refuses to address, you can report it anonymously to the Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA).

Construction Site Injury Attorney in Florida

If you suffer injuries at a construction site in Florida, call an attorney at Chalik & Chalik to discuss your legal options. You may qualify to file a workers’ compensation claim or even a third-party liability claim to recover benefits or damages.

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