Emotional Injuries from Construction Accidents

After a work injury in Florida, an injured victim generally seeks medical treatment. Doctors can usually tell with certainty the type of construction injuries the victim sustained by ordering an X-ray, MRI, CT scan, or other diagnostic test to determine broken bones, ligament injuries, brain injuries, and more.

However, emotional injuries are sometimes harder to pinpoint right away. Doctors are trained to look at the injury and treat it. But, if that injury causes a victim to endure a lifelong disability, emotional injuries often accompany the physical injuries. Sometimes emotional injuries aren’t easy to predict, as everyone is different. Some people aren’t affected emotionally after suffering an injury, where others are emotionally impacted following any type of Fort Myers work injury.

Types of emotional injuries

  • Depression
  • Post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
  • Stress and anxiety
  • Other emotional injuries

After suffering a physical and emotional injury after your Florida work accident, you may need to speak with a skilled Fort Myers work injury attorney before settling a workers’ compensation claim with your employer and their insurance company.

Emotional injuries can last a long time, and victims of work accidents who have suffered not only physically but emotionally may need medical help as well as professional help in order to fully heal. This may require further compensation for medical bills, therapy, and more.

If a work accident has left you in a state of worry, or if you are constantly reliving the accident and are afraid to return back to work once you have healed physically, you may be suffering from PTSD or another emotional injury.

Suffering an emotional injury following a work accident in Florida is common. If you have suffered physically and emotionally, you may be entitled to financial relief for both types of injuries.