New VIN Recall Search Tool from NHTSA

A convenient new online tool to search for vehicle recall information is now available to the public.

The United States National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) recently announced the release of this new recall search tool on The tool allows vehicle owners or those shopping for a new vehicle to find information quickly and easily about any open recalls on a specific vehicle.

A Timely Release of the Recall Search Tool

The release of the new tool on the NHTSA website coincides with the spike in recalls in 2014. The NHTSA notes there were 37.5 million lightweight cars and trucks recalled within the first six months of 2014 in the United States, exceeding the full-year number for any previous year.

How the New Recall Search Tool Works

To find out if your vehicle (or the vehicle you wish to purchase) has an outstanding, unrepaired recall, you simply go to the website and access the tool, called Recalls Look-up by VIN. Once on the webpage, you only need to enter the car’s vehicle identification number (VIN).

The tool will notify you if your particular vehicle has any open recalls on it and will list any fixes available through the manufacturer. The tool’s database has information about recalls on light cars and trucks built within the past 15 years, though some manufacturers may offer more coverage.

If any open recalls are identified, they will be listed in red text on the screen of the tool. If there are no recalls or there are recalls that have been repaired, your search will show no results.

Future Plans for the Recall Search Tool

The NHTSA is imposing a requirement on all large manufacturers of light cars and trucks to provide a similar VIN search tool on their company websites. This data must be updated by the manufacturer weekly at a minimum. The NHTSA relies on manufacturer data to update its own recall search tool.

In addition, the NHTSA is working with the National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA) to establish VIN search tools at car dealerships. The implementation of these tools will allow the dealership to identify any outstanding recalls on vehicles that come in as trades or auction purchases. It also will allow the dealership to provide car buyers with recall information for vehicles on the lot.

Auto Defects Cause Accidents

Recalls are issued to inform auto owners of potential defects in their vehicles, and the new recall search tool makes it easier to identify recalls for a specific vehicle. But sometimes auto manufacturers do not provide timely information regarding safety issues identified in their vehicles. If you were injured due to a manufacturer’s defect of which you were not made aware, you could be entitled to compensation for damages such as medical bills, lost wages, or pain and suffering.

If you feel you may be entitled to reimbursement for losses incurred as the result of a manufacturer’s defect in your car or truck – or a tire manufacturer’s defect –seek help from a qualified product liability attorney who specializes in auto cases. An attorney will help gather evidence, organize documentation and build your case. Your attorney will be able to advise you of your rights and recommend any necessary expert testimony or other supporting information you may need to present to the court.

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