3 Things You Need to Know about Tire Registration

There’s an ongoing discussion about tire registration, and many vehicle owners want to know whether or not they should bother with it. Below we explain a couple of key concepts about registering tires, and why the issue is still a topic of discussion.

Registering Tires is Voluntary

First, it’s important to know the legal rules regarding tire registration. For consumers, tire registration is voluntary. You do not have to register them if you choose not to. Tire dealers, on the other hand, do have a degree of obligation; they are required by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) to offer registration to customers who purchase new tires.

There are several ways tire dealers can offer tire registration, as noted by TireBusiness.com

  • Providing paper registration forms for customers to fill out and mail
  • Filling out the forms and mailing them
  • Electronically registering tires at the point of sale
  • Providing a link to register the tires online

Unfortunately, many dealers disregard registration, despite the laws. TireBusiness.com’s staff report stated:  “If the safety of your customers is a top priority, then registering their tires – or providing them with registration forms – should be a routine practice, just like making sure their tires are aired up properly before sending them on their way. But for those who aren’t abiding by the registration law, the question is, ‘Why aren’t you complying?’”

Importance of Tire Registration

Just because tire registration is voluntary for consumers, doesn’t mean it’s not important. The primary purpose behind registering tires is to provide a means for the manufacturer to contact you in case of recall.

Recalls are issued when a dangerous defect is discovered that has potential to harm consumers. Thousands of tires are recalled each year. When a manufacturer realizes that it has a defective tire on the market, it is required by the NHTSA to contact the owners, notify them of the problem, and remedy the issue.

If your tires are not registered, the manufacturer will have no means of contacting you. You would be unwittingly driving around on dangerous, defective tires.

How to Register Your Tires 

If you are unsure of whether or not your tires are registered, you can call your manufacturer and have a representative search your information in its directory. If you recently purchased tires and your dealer didn’t assist you in registration, you can still register them on your own.

To register, you can go to your manufacturer’s website and register electronically, or call the manufacturer to obtain a registration form. You will only need to provide basic contact info and the process only takes a few moments. It’s worth the peace of mind that comes with the added protection.

You can also check the status of your tires to make sure they are not currently under recall. Visit the Recalls.gov website, click on the Motor Vehicles tab, and then select the Tire Recalls link to search the NHTSA tire recall listings.

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