Debbie’s Dream Foundation: Curing Stomach Cancer

As dedicated as Jason and Debi Chalik are to their legal practice, they are just as enthusiastic about supporting philanthropy in their community. An organization near and dear to their hearts, Debbie’s Dream Foundation (DDF), is a national advocate for stomach cancer awareness, research and support, and it’s located right in the Chalik’s own backyard!

DDF’s Threefold Mission: Awareness, Research, Support

Debbie’s Dream Foundation is a non-profit organization that works internationally to:

  • spread awareness;
  • raise funding for research; and
  • support patients and their families. 


Founded by Debbie Zelman, a stomach cancer survivor, the organization has become one of the most active cancer research advocates in the U.S., lobbying to increase federal and state funding for research.

DDF sponsors the Patient Resource Education Program (PREP) that connects families to a mentor who becomes their guide through diagnosis, treatment, and life during and after stomach cancer. DDF has gathered a network of dedicated professionals both in the medical and business fields to make sure their goals are met on all fronts.

Stomach cancer accounts for 21,000 new cancer cases each year in the U.S. and 10,600 deaths, yet it remains one of the most least-funded for research for a cure. It is the fourth most common cancer and second leading cause of cancer death across the globe.

Chalik & Chalik Supports Their Neighbors at DDF

Jason Chalik is proud to be a member of the board of directors where he lends his advisory experience to the team. Debbie is a neighbor of the Chaliks and they were drawn to her organization when they saw how she took a devastating situation and turned it into a positive movement for the thousands of people affected by stomach cancer every year.

Jason is currently working on the DDF’s strategic plan. Chalik & Chalik also contributes financially and donate their personal time. Jason and Debi attend many of the organization’s rallies and functions, including the upcoming Dream Makers Gala later this month. Now in its fifth year, Jason served on the Gala committee as co-chair for two years before stepping back to dedicate his time to other needs in the organization.

“We are so in awe of Debbie Zelman and how she has fought this fight.  She is making a difference and we are proud to be a small part of it,” says Jason. “We would urge anyone who is looking for a worthy charitable organization for their time and resources, to look at Debbie’s Dream Foundation.”

Community Involvement is at the Core of Chalik & Chalik’s Principles

At Chalik & Chalik we value family, community, and justice. We are honored that our work as attorneys allows us to support wonderful foundations such as Debbie’s Dream Foundation. We are always seeking ways to help our South Florida neighbors and improve our communities. Call us at 855-529-0269 or reach out to us via our contact form to learn how our firm can help make a difference in your life if you are suffering from a serious injury or death of a loved one.