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The Facts About Preterm Labor Malpractice

Full term pregnancy normally lasts 39 to 40 weeks. However, circumstances do exist where babies are born early, doctors call these premature births. Babies can survive outside the womb as early as 24 weeks, but they face many challenges on their way to heading home. While there are many natural reasons for a baby to… read more

Rejection of arbitration agreement in medical malpractice case

In December of 2016, the Florida Supreme Court issued a rejection of an arbitration agreement in a medical malpractice case regarding a stillborn infant. As reported by News 4 Jax, in their decision, justices stated that an arbitration agreement that was signed by Lualhati Crespo, whose son was stillborn, and the physician group Women’s Care… read more

Medical malpractice lawsuit against hospital after toddler swallows battery

In March 2016, a mother saw her baby daughter swallow a lithium battery. She called 911, and had her baby transported to the hospital, where she insisted that the battery be removed right away. However, the doctor informed the parents that the case was comparable to that of ingesting a coin. In spite of recommendations… read more

Misdiagnosis of Medical Condition or Cancer

Receiving a correct diagnosis for cancer or other serious medical condition is critical especially if a condition or cancer is wrongly diagnosed, treatment is often delayed or incorrect. This error can cause catastrophic results for the patient, ranging from increased health complications because of improper treatment, to death from lack of proper care. When a… read more

Nurse Neglect of Serious Complications

When a nurse fails to administer care when a patient is suffering from a serious complication, the patient’s symptoms may worsen, and the complication may lead to more serious problems, including death in severe cases. Just like doctors, nurses have a moral and legal obligation to provide patients with a high standard of care. When… read more

When Patients Suffer Injuries from Medication Errors

Patients rely on their doctors and pharmacists to provide them with the right medications in the proper dosages, and to inform them of any possible drug interactions. Unfortunately, prescription errors are not uncommon and wind up harming numerous patients each year. When a patient is harmed because of a careless mistake by a physician, nurse,… read more

Common Causes of Hospital-Acquired Infections

Hospital-acquired infections (HAIs), also referred to as nosocomial infections, occur frequently. The World Health Organization (WHO) reports that 1.4 million people around the world are suffering from an HAI at any one time. In the United States, roughly 9.2 out of every 100 patients acquire a nosocomial infection, according to Healthline. Some HAIs can be… read more

Florida Medical Malpractice Attorney

Parents of injured children often struggle with questions such as – Should I hire an attorney to pursue compensation in a medical malpractice claim? The answer depends on the extent and cause of the injury. An attorney can provide legal representation if a parent believes a doctor or hospital’s mistake caused a medical malpractice, such… read more