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Florida Parasailing Regulations Bill Passes

As of June 2014, the White-Miskell Act is law in Florida. With Governor Scott’s signature, it feels as if a hard fought battle has finally been won. We didn’t get everything we wanted or need, but after seven years of trying, Florida citizens at least have some minimal protection against those parasailing operators who put… read more

4 Safety Tips for Boating at Night

You may be a good boater or seaman by day, but nighttime excursions on the water are a whole new ball game. Low light conditions and drastically reduced visibility increases risks of  boat accidents. It’s important to be fully trained and prepared and follow basic safety rules when you hit the water for some nighttime… read more

Chalik & Chalik Hard Work on Parasailing Act Recognized

Due to their hard and vigilant work to push for new regulations of the parasailing industry in Florida, Jason and Debi Chalik were featured recently on the Advocate Capital Inc blog. The article summarizes how the Chalik’s first got involved in parasailing regulations, and the eventual passing of the White Miskell Act. The article goes… read more

National Transportation Safety Board Releases Special Investigation Report on Parasailing Regulation

The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) released a 33-page report regarding a special investigation conducted by the board concerning the safety of the parasailing industry. The NTSB conducted eight investigations across the U.S. involving parasailers who were seriously injured or killed. Four of the incidents occurred in Florida, including the accident where our client, Alexis… read more

Debi Chalik Quoted on Parasailing Regulations

Debi Chalik, founding partner of Chalik & Chalik Law Offices, was featured in the media last month when she publicly urged Gov. Rick Scott to sign new legislation that requires parasailing operators to take safety precautions and carry insurance. She was also quoted in local news coverage about the legislation, which is designed to reduce… read more

Governor Scott: Please Sign the Parasailing Bill.

Just last summer, 17-year-old Alexis Fairchild and her friend Sidney Good were critically injured in Panama City, Fla. when strong winds snapped their parasail free from the tow boat. Despite the fact that between 1982 and 2012, 73 people have died and another 1,600 have been injured in parasailing accidents, the industry operates virtually unregulated. … read more

Update on White-Miskell Act Parasailing Bill

After being struck down in 2013, at the Business & Professional Regulations Subcommittee of the Florida House of Representatives, the White-Miskell Act is back on the legislative floor and making progress.   Senator Maria Sachs has re-introduced the bill in the wake of yet another tragic parasailing accident that we are working on. Our client,… read more

More Efforts Supporting Amber May, Advocate Capital

Thank you Advocate Capital for helping us spread the word about the dangers of parasailing.  Changes these regulations is something we feel very strongly about and are working hard to get the message out to the right people.  As many of our clients know, we joined the efforts of the White family back in 2007… read more

In the News – Jason Chalik Pushes Regulations on Parasailing in Florida

A speedboat guiding parasailers up and down the beach is as common a sight in Florida as the fishing boats that patrol the coastal waters. Unfortunately, the fish in the ocean enjoy many more protections than the people who climb aboard one of Florida’s more than 100 unregulated parasailing vessels. Parasailing – a popular tourist… read more

Jason Chalik Supports White-Miskell Bill on Commercial Parasailing Regulations

Florida lawmakers have in the past failed to pass basic safety measures designed to reduce parasailing injuries and deaths. In the 2014 session, they will have another opportunity to approve minimum safety regulations on one of the state’s most popular – and presently, dangerous – tourist activities. Florida Sen. Maria Sachs (D-Delray Beach) announced this… read more