Avoid Sharing the Road with Cars on Bicycle Paths in Florida

People bicycle for many different reasons. Some do it for exercise, to save money on gas, or for sport and recreational purposes. But bicycling can be a dangerous source of transportation on Florida roads. Even streets with designated bike paths might not always provide the greatest protection from cars and put cyclists at risk for bicycle accidents.

But there are places in Florida where bicyclists can avoid sharing the road with other vehicles. For those who would like to enjoy bicycling without the worries of cars and other vehicles, consider the following safe bike paths:

Blackwater Heritage State Trail: This National Recreation Trail takes cyclists through the historic town of Milton and ends at the Naval Air Station Whiting Field. It’s shared with runners, walkers and skaters. Bicyclists can enjoy bird-watching activities, picnicking and more, according to Florida State Parks.

Timpoochee Trail: This 18-mile trail runs along Scenic Highway 30A from Santa Rosa Beach to Inlet Beach. Bicyclists can enjoy restaurants, shopping, state parks and dune lakes.

Tallahassee-St. Marks Historic Railroad State Trail: Running from Tallahassee to St. Marks, this 20.5-mile trail provides more than just beautiful scenery. Pedestrians and bicyclists can enjoy fishing, entertainment and seafood.

Munson Hills Off-Road Bike Trail: Close to Tallahassee, this 21-mile bike trail is perfect for those seeking a challenge. It includes a variety of terrain and the opportunity to ride on roads throughout the forest.

Big Shoals Public Lands Trail: Bicyclists can travel the 3.4-mile-long multipurpose trail, connected to the entrances for Little Shoals and Big Shoals. This state park also offers opportunities for hiking and whitewater rafting.

Fort Clinch State Park Trail: Shared with hikers, this six-mile trail goes through the state park. There are many other activities available, such as swimming, fishing and camping.

Jacksonville-Baldwin Trail: Part of the Rails to Trails program, this bike path extends about 14.5 miles from Imeson Road in Jacksonville to Baldwin, Fla. The 12-foot-wide paved path provides access to bikers, rollerbladers and hikers.

Nature Coast State Trail: Bicyclists will enjoy this 32-mile path, which is near Manatee Springs and Fanning Springs state parks. One of its highlights is the Historic Suwanee River Railroad Bridge.

San Felasco Hammock Preserve State Park Trail: Designed for mountain biking, 30 miles of trail provide paths for beginners, intermediate and advanced riders. There are a variety of changes in elevation and varying lengths to suit almost any rider.

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