Ladder Accidents

Ladder Accidents in Florida Work Injuries

Florida’s construction industry faces numerous challenges. Not only do they have to fight the summer heat and long hours, but also the chance of a Florida work injury. Despite precautions, there is a near constant danger of an accident.

There are many possible types of Florida work injuries that can occur on construction sites. There may be an accident with a crane or heavy machinery, with debris falling or a worker falling off their platform. Ladder injuries are some of the most common and dangerous.

Ladder or scaffolding injuries account for over 40 percent of all fall injuries that happen on construction sites. Especially when the worker is at great heights, Florida ladder accidents are some of the most dangerous types of accidents that can occur.

There are numerous ways Florida ladder accidents transpire. These include:

  • Worker falls off ladder
  • Worker electrocuted on ladder
  • Ladder slips out from under worker
  • Ladder hit by other machine or vehicle

Each of these scenarios can be catastrophic. While some accidents are just pure tragedies, others could have easily been avoided. In essence, negligent construction bosses or ladder manufacturers can cause these accidents, and as an extension, the injuries to your loved ones.

In these cases, the injured party or their loved ones may have a legal right to seek financial compensation for medical bills, ongoing care, lost wages or instances of pain and emotional suffering. You may be one such party.

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