Internal Injuries Caused in Truck Wrecks

Some truck accidents produce mild-to-moderate damages, but the majority of car and truck accidents in Florida are violent in nature and create serious damages and injuries to people. Because of a semi truck’s size and weight, occupants in the other vehicles are typically the ones injured when cars and trucks collide.

Injuries that often occur to victims of South Florida truck wrecks include spinal cord injury, traumatic brain injury, broken bones, back and neck injuries, and internal injuries. Internal injuries can occur in a violent truck crash. For example, when a victim of a wreck breaks a rib as a result of a severe crash, the edges of the broken bone can cause damages to the internal organs.

The internal organs that often are injured in truck crashes in South Florida include:

  • Lung damage – There are two lungs in the human body, which are separated by the heart. In a truck accident, a lung can be punctured or damaged by a severe blow to the chest.
  • Liver damage – The liver is located in the right lower chest and can tear when seriously impacted.
  • Kidney damage – The kidneys sit in the abdominal cavity behind the peritoneum, and damage caused by wrecks and severe collisions can sometimes cause kidney failure.
  • Spleen damage – The spleen is located under the left lower rib. When trauma to the abdomen happens in a truck crash, a spleen may rupture and cause critical injuries.
  • Pancreas damage – The pancreas is located behind the intestines, approximately behind the belly button area. When a blow to the abdomen occurs in a Florida truck crash, the pancreas can be injured.

Any one of these internal injuries following a truck wreck can claim the life of an accident victim. If a rib is broken in addition to internal organ injuries, it may be very difficult for a victim to breathe. Sometimes these injuries can lead to lung complications, shortness of breath, severe pain, and pneumonia. Additionally, internal bleeding can occur, which is why it is critical to seek medical treatment when involved in a Fort Lauderdale tractor trailer accident.