Causes of Truck Accidents

The Leading Causes of Truck Accidents in Fort Lauderdale

In states across the nation, Fort Lauderdale is not alone in the large number of commercial vehicles on their roadways. Much of our commerce is transported on our nation’s interstates. When commercial trucks are driven carelessly or recklessly they pose a major danger to other motor vehicles sharing the road.

Types of causes from truck accidents include:

Careless Driving

One of the leading causes of truck accidents is careless driving, which comprises of many actions behind the wheel of a truck. Some of the most common causes of careless driving by truckers include eating, drinking, playing with the radio, or anything else that takes a driver’s attention off the road. Careless driving may also be referred to as distracted driving.

Truck Drivers Failing to Yield

Another cause of accidents is when trucks fail to yield to cars that are coming on and off of highways, changing lanes, and moving through intersections. Large trucks need a lot of room to maneuver and a good distance to stop, if these are not accounted for while driving a large truck, danger prevails.


Tailgating and driving too closely also is a problem with large trucks. In busy metropolitan areas where traffic is heavy on interstates this can cause a real problem. Because trucks cannot stop easily, an accident may occur when a trucker is following a car too closely.

Truck Drivers Intoxicated

Alcohol also plays a role in truck accidents. Alcohol impairs anyone’s ability to think and react quickly, especially for someone behind the wheel of an 18-wheeled truck.

Distracted Driving

Truck drivers spend all of their time on the road.  They begin to feel a comfort level with driving and start to multi task while behind the wheel – eating, talking on the phone, texting and many others.  This takes their eyes off the road even for a split second, but that is all it takes to swerve the wrong way, miss seeing a car passing or worse.  Drivers of trucks are just as guilty as drivers of cars when it comes to doing too much while operating their vehicles.


The trucking industry puts a lot of stress on drivers to meet a deadline.  Some of these drivers have been known to drive for over fourteen hours without stopping to rest.  Fatigue and drowsiness behind the wheel is extremely dangerous especially when you are driving such large and powerful vehicles.  Not to mention those carrying heavy loads run the risk of swerving and dropping their load on the roadways causing multiple accidents and resulting in massive pile ups.  Drivers have even been reported to fake their log books to stay within regulations and still be able to meet deadlines.  Drowsy driving is a major risk for any driver.

If you drive on the roads of Fort Lauderdale, you will almost certainly come in regular contact with these 18-wheeler trucks. And when you’re in a residential neighborhood, there is the risk of garbage trucks. Though many truck drivers are safe and courteous, it just takes one negligent or inattentive truck driver to cause a Fort Lauderdale truck accident.

Because of the weight and speed large trucks bring to a collision with another vehicle; these wrecks can have a serious and lasting impact for all of those involved. Truck crashes can easily result in serious injury, paralysis and even loss of life.