Remember Amber Mae

On August 18, 2007, in Pompano Beach Florida, a young girl’s life was tragically taken away from her as a result of the negligence of a parasailing operator. Amber May White, age 15, and her sister Crystal White, age 17, of Summerfield, Florida, were staying at the Wyndham Resort on Pompano Beach, enjoying their last weekend of summer vacation before returning to school. They decided to go parasailing for the very first time, which is one of the many watersports offered by the Wyndham right on their property. In the early afternoon, the girls started out on their parasailing adventure, and within minutes, it turned into a horrific nightmare. The parasailing operator lost control of the parasail, and the rope broke away from the boat, causing Amber and her sister Crystal, to be slammed into the rooftop of a nearby hotel, and thrown into a palm tree. Amber suffered a broken neck and was declared brain dead the very next day. Her organs were donated. Thankfully, Crystal survived having suffered a head injury. As a result of the parasailing operator’s poor judgment and lack of the proper equipment, a young beautiful girl’s life has been taken away.

The White family is working hard to prevent this from ever happening again to another family by channeling their grief and sorrow towards the passage of the AMBER MAY LAW, which will regulate the parasailing industry for the first time. You can help protect lives by supporting the AMBER MAY LAW and filling out the petition form below, which will be sent directly to the Florida Legislature. Senator Gwen Margolis, will be introducing this bill. We need your support to get it passed.