Low T Drug Injury Lawyers

A study published in 2007, in the Journal of Endocrinology and Metabolism, found nearly one in four men ages 30 to 79 have low testosterone. A growing number of American men have turned to testosterone therapy, or “Low T” drugs, to address this concern – often at the recommendation of a trusted doctor. Unfortunately, these medications have been associated with dangerous side effects and even death.

You may be entitled to seek compensation in a drug injury claim if you are a male under the age of 80 and have experienced life-altering or life-threatening side effects associated with low testosterone therapy drugs. Below is information to help you understand your options as you seek physical and financial recovery.

A List of Potentially Dangerous “Low T” Drugs

Testosterone replacement therapy is available under a variety of brand names, including:

Dosing methods vary among drugs. A patient may take the drug in one of the following ways:

Dangerous side effects are possible regardless of the brand name or method of delivery.

“Low T” Drug Side Effects Warranting an Injury Claim

The use of testosterone replacement therapy drugs has been associated with a number of life-altering and potential deadly side effects. Side effects that warrant civil action include:

Other side effects associated with “Low T” drugs may cause discomfort and a diminishment of the quality of life. These include:

Seek prompt medical attention if you develop any side effects or symptoms associated with “Low T” drugs.

Potential Damages in a “Low T” Drug Claim

Compensation in a drug injury claim will address your financial and physical damages and may include:

An effective claim will seek money to compensate you for all of the ways in which you have been impacted by the use of a defective drug.

Liability in a “Low T” Drug Injury Claim

There are two primary categories of liable parties in a drug injury claim stemming from “Low T” therapy drugs. These include:

An attorney can examine the facts of your case to identify all liable parties. Our offices provide free, confidential case evaluations to those who have suffered injury because of a dangerous drug. Call Chalik & Chalik at (855) 529-0269.