Gives 5 Workplace Safety Tips

Fort Lauderdale Slip and Fall Lawyers Give Advice

Some people go to work never thinking that today could be the day that they could be involved in a slip and fall accident at work. However, there are thousands of fall accidents that occur at the workplace each year, and no one ever knows if he or she will be the next victim of a work-related slip and fall accident in Florida or throughout this nation.

In 2010, there were over 3.9 million workplace injuries reported, and many of these accidents and injuries could have been prevented. According to data compiled by CNA Insurance, over 21% of workers’ compensation claims were related to slip and fall injuries. This data indicates that slip and fall accidents in South Florida and in the rest of the US are occurring and injuring workers far too often, which could be prevented.

Workplace Safety Tips for include:

  1. Promote open discussions of safety awareness and how slip and fall injuries can be avoided.
  2. Have safety meetings, and offer training classes for employees on safe work practices.
  3. Create prevention programs to promote a zero-injury goal for the employees.
  4. Establish safety programs, and then conduct workplace audits to review workplace safety.
  5. Ask employees for feedback about workplace safety.


Part of these programs should explain to employees about the leading causes of workplace injuries and what they can do to avoid them. For example, employees should be trained to clean up spilled liquid immediately and remove objects from the floors in order to minimize workplace slip and fall accidents in Florida.

Additionally, floors need to be maintained properly in order to prevent injuries. CNA research indicates that the “single most important factor in determining the slip resistance of a floor is how it’s cleaned and maintained – not the floor’s type, finish or cleaner.” This means that businesses should adopt a floor care maintenance program that helps improve floor traction.

When awareness about slip and fall accidents is raised on-the-job, more employees will be able to spot potential hazards that could cause slip and fall accidents and help reduce those injuries.