Motorcycle Requirements in Fort Lauderdale

Many people enjoy riding a motorcycle in Fort Lauderdale. It gives travelers a unique look at this beautiful and vast state. However, individuals wishing to do this should make sure they take the proper steps to do so in Fort Lauderdale. Learn some of the specific requirements Florida has for motorcycle operators.

Florida Requirements for Motorcycle Operation

Motorcycles require that a person learn different skill sets than those operating cars. Drivers must apply for a motorcycle endorsement on top of a driver’s license if they want to ride a motorcycle in Fort Lauderdale. Anyone caught operating a motorcycle without the endorsement faces criminal charges and severe penalties. For anyone who already has a license, he or she simply needs to take the Florida Rider Program to receive an endorsement

To obtain a license, an individual must be 16 years of age and have driven while in possession of a learner’s permit, although operators over the age of 18 do not face this requirement. The individual must have a clean driving record and successfully take and pass the class E operator’s test. Additionally, they need to bring evidence they completed the Basic Riders Course.

A separate license exists for the operation of a motorcycle with three wheels. An individual applying for this license needs to take the Sidecar/Trike Evaluation Program, which gives them the skillset they need to operate these types of motorcycles. A rider with this license may not operate a two-wheel motorcycle.

All riders must wear a helmet in Florida unless they meet two requirements: the individual needs to have insurance coverage with a minimum coverage of $10,000 for medical benefits and be over 21. Law enforcement has the right to stop you when they see you riding without a helmet if they suspect you are underage.

Lane Splitting

Everyone who spends time in city traffic jams has seen motorcyclists ride their bikes between cars along the lane markers. For the cyclist, this gives them a quick way to avoid traffic; however, car drivers may disagree, seeing the act as reckless. The term for this act is lane splitting, and it can cause accidents and injuries when the bike bumps against or collides with a car that suddenly tries to squeeze into adjacent lane.

Every state except for California bans lane splitting. California requires motorcyclists to only split the lanes when they can do so safely and carefully. A motorcyclist who causes damage or injury when doing this will likely bear full liability for the accident. Even in circumstances where another driver bears responsibility for an accident, if it involved a motorcyclist committing the act of lane splitting, the motorcyclist will still carry some of the blame.

Understand Your Rights

The law protects your right to ride a motorcycle – as long as it’s done safely and within the law. Operating a motorcycle is much different than driving a car. Make sure you follow the proper steps to obtain the documentation needed so you can enjoy riding your motorcycle in Fort Lauderdale. Don’t take risks while out riding, always practice safe driving techniques, and be aware of your surroundings. If your involved in a Fort Lauderdale motorcycle accident, contact emergency assistance immediately.