Florida Brain Injury Resources

There are a number of resources to consider in the wake of a traumatic brain injury in Florida. Consider these five aspects as you help a loved one cope with serious brain injury:

1. Medical specialists – Seek help from physicians with specialized training in the diagnosis and treatment of brain injuries. This may include neurologists, surgeons and more.

2. Psychological and psychiatric care providers – Someone with a brain injury benefits from access to mental health resources. For instance, a neuropsychologist or psychiatrist can assess the impact of a brain injury and provide guidance or medications to help a patient cope with the emotional and psychological effects of injury.

3. Physical and occupational therapists – A physical therapist can help a brain injury patient cope with and overcome physical issues related to injury, such as muscular weakness or loss of coordination. An occupational therapist can help a victim readjust to everyday tasks, such as “relearning” to perform household duties or participate in acts of self-care, such as grooming.

4. Social workers – Hospital social workers and patient advocates may provide resources for a patient suffering from brain injury.

5. Transportation assistance – Patient advocates and organizations may be able to provide resources for transportation to assist an accident victim in getting to and from medical appointments.

Below is an overview of brain injury resources specific to Florida. 

Brain Injury Specialists and Rehabilitation Resources in Florida

Bayfront Medical Center Rehabilitation Services, 701 6th Street S., St. Petersburg – www.bayfront.org, 727-823-1234 – Inpatient and outpatient neurological care.

Biscayne Institutes of Health and Living, Inc., 2785 NE 183rd St., Suite 100, Miami – www.biscayneinstitutes.org, 305-932-8994 – Provides outpatient rehabilitative care for those with serious injuries.

Brooks Rehabilitation Hospital, 3599 University Blvd., Jacksonville – www.brookshealth.org, 904-345-7600 – A state-designated treatment facility providing inpatient and outpatient care for children and adults living with traumatic brain injury.

Jackson Memorial Hospital Rehabilitation Center, 1611 NW 12th Ave., Rehab Building, Suite 310, Miami – http://www.jacksonhealth.org/jackson-rehabilitation-services.asp, 305-585-7112 – Founded in 1984, the center helps TBI patients pursue independent mobility and self-care and includes speech, reading comprehension and other language rehab programs.

NeuroRestorative Florida, various locations – www.neurorestorative.com, 800-743-6802 – Four different facilities provide inpatient and outpatient care to those who have suffered brain injury. Locations in Avalon Park, Clearwater, Lutz and Sarasota.

Orlando Health Rehabilitation Institute, 1414 Kuhl Avenue, Orlando – http://www.orlandohealth.com/orlandoregionalmedicalcenter/OurMedicalSpecialties/brain_injury_rehabilitation.aspx?pid=7100, 321-841-5111 – Provides residential rehabilitation services to brain injury patients.

Tampa General Hospital Rehabilitation Center, 6 Tampa General Circle, Tampa – www.tgh.org/rehabilitation, 813-844-4172 – Provides inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation services.

Patient Advocacy in Florida

The following is a sampling of patient advocacy services for those living with brain injury in Florida.

Brain Injury Association of Florida (BIAF) – www.biaf.org, 800-992-3442 – Education, information, advocacy and community support for brain injury victims and their families and caretakers.

Mothers for TBI Hope – www.800tbihope.org, 800-TBI-HOPE or 904-657-1424 – A non-profit organization founded by the mother of a traumatic brain injury victim. This charitable organization aims to provide resources and tools to those affected by traumatic brain injury in Florida.

Traumatic Brain Injury Resource and Support Center – www.byyourside.org, 800-992-3442 – A Tallahassee-based organization associated with the BIAF that provides a support system for those living with traumatic brain injury.

Other Resources for Those with Brain Injury

Florida Commission for the Transportation Disadvantaged – www.dot.state.fl.us/ctd, 850-410-5700 – Provides transportation options for Florida residents who may not have access to or the ability to obtain such resources without assistance. 

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