Nexen Tires are Failing Consumers, Causing Accidents

While customers have been complaining about Nexen Tires, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) still hasn’t issued a recall on these dangerous tires. Nexen manufacturers several types of tires, the Nexen CP671(2), the Nexen N5000, and the Nexen Roadian HP. As of May 23, 2015, twelve complaints to the NHTSA have been filed regarding Nexen tires, as they are causing accidents that could otherwise be prevented.

What Drivers Using Nexen Tires are Complaining About

Drivers using any of the tires made by Nexen are filing complaints with the NHTSA, and some of the complaints include:

There have been no investigations on the safety of Nexen tires at this time conducted by the NHTSA, but it is apparent that these tires are failing while drivers are on the road. The potential for an injury lawsuit is high if you have been injured in a car accident because of faulty Nexen tires.

The Nexen CP672 Tire According to Consumer Reports

The Nexen CP672 tire is guaranteed for 70,000 miles, and this tire is popular for many family cars. Consumers are reporting that they are not happy with this tire. Consumers are writing complaints that include:

  • the Nexen tires are cheap and not made for long term use.
  • the Nexen tires do not perform well when the roads are wet with rain or snow.
  • the Nexen tire tread wears out quickly.
  • Nexen does not respond to customer complaints.

What You Can Do About Faulty Nexen Tires

If you have been hurt in a car accident because of faulty Nexen tires, you have up to four years to file an injury lawsuit against the manufacturer when you live in the state of Florida. Nexen tires are affordable, which makes many consumers give Nexen tires a try. What is becoming clear is that Nexen is not manufacturing an affordable, yet quality tire for consumers. Nexen is creating a product that is not safe for long term use. Consumers are complaining about the Nexen tires on their vehicles, and you have the right to file a complaint with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration too.

As an injured party from a faulty Nexen tire, you can file a lawsuit to be compensated for your injuries, medical bills, and time lost from work. When you come to your initial consultation, it will help if you bring your accident report, and any medical records that you have regarding treatment for your injuries. Call our attorneys today for a free consultation.