Facts About Common Slip and Fall Accidents

Slip and fall accidents often lead to more than bruised egos. The National Safety Council reports that 8.9 million emergency room visits are made annually as a result of slip and fall accidents, which could involve injuries ranging from mild to catastrophic.

In some cases, the injured party may be able to recover compensation from whomever was liable for the accident. To better understand the specifics of slip and fall accidents, consider the following facts about these common accidents.

Liability for the Accident May Not Be Obvious

Glaring negligence by a person or entity may be the obvious cause of a slip and fall, such as wires strewn across the floor of a store during a reconstruction. Any injuries resulting from a slip and fall on these wires may be the responsibility of the store owner or manager, as they were likely negligent in leaving them out during normal business hours.

In other scenarios, liability may be less obvious. Imagine a shopper slipping on oil that spilled in the back of the store. The injured party may believe that because the store owner did not know about the spill, then he or she isn’t liable. Florida law, however, may hold that store owner liable if he or she knew about a dangerous condition, or should have known about it, because it existed for a long time or happened frequently. With the help of an attorney, the injured party could show that the owner actually was negligent in failing to clean up the spilled oil.

You Can Recover Compensation, Even if You Were Trespassing 

It is often falsely believed that an injured party cannot recover compensation in a slip and fall accident if he or she was trespassing on the property of someone else. In reality, a landowner may in some circumstances be deemed liable for injuries suffered by trespassers. This may happen if the property owner failed to warn the trespasser about dangerous conditions on the property (such as by posted signs), or if something on the property was left there intentionally to hurt a trespasser.

More Than One Party May Be Deemed Liable

Slip and fall cases are not always straightforward. In some cases, more than one party may be liable for the injuries incurred. If a slip and fall accident occurred on a rented property, both the owner and the renter could be held liable, although this may depend on the specifics of the individual case at hand.

The Legal Concepts Can Be Complex

In an ideal world, persons injured in slip and fall cases could quickly and efficiently recover compensation from the liable party. The injured party may have incurred extensive medical bills and missed a significant amount of time from work, good reasons he or she should be awarded payment.

But the truth is that legalities surrounding a slip and fall case are often complex. Questions may arise about whether the injured party was legally on the property when injured, or if the property owner was actually negligent in not fixing a dangerous condition.

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