Parents Corner

As parent’s ourselves we understand what a responsibility parents carry to keep their children safe.  Children and their safety is always top priority.  As a service to our clients and other parents, we have created this section to offer advice to help.

Over the last thirty years, we have learned tips to avoid some of life’s challenges that have left many injured.  It is our intention to share these lessons in hopes to either help in the event of an accident or even prevent one.  We will cover any product recalls that could affect you and your family’s safety, safe driving tips, new laws, how to choose a doctor, child care regulations and much more.

In our day to day life many challenges present themselves, we can offer advice on how to best handle them.  Parents of teens have to face the inevitable, they will be driving solo one day.  We have some tips on how to talk to them about safety on the road, how to handle an accident, and even ways in which you can help protect them.

As our own parents age, they can become risky behind the wheel of a car.  When do you know it is time to stop them from driving?  How do you talk to them about it?  This subject can be tricky, they are your parents and used to be the ones telling you what to do.  We have some tips on these types of conversations and signs that it is time to stop them from getting on the road.

As a family run firm, we know important family is to everyone.  Let us help you keep yours safe!