Commercial Truck Accident Compensation

Steps You Need to Take in Order to Receive Compensation After a Florida Commercial Truck Accident

If you read our earlier article about the types of commercial trucks that can cause accidents in Florida you know that these vehicles pose a near constant threat to those around them on the road. You may also know that you may be able to recover compensation after one of these wrecks if the accident was not your fault.

However, as anyone who has dealt with the paperwork and insurance companies can tell you, recovering damages after an accident like this is not easy. Here are the basic steps you should follow for a successful personal injury case:

  • Get thorough medical treatment: Never skimp on your treatment after a wreck, as nothing is more important than your health. Always save your medical records and never miss a follow-up appointment. Doing everything you can to get well helps your body as well as your case.
  • Never sign anything from the insurance companies: The insurance companies that represent commercial truck drivers are the ones that actually have to pay for any settlement or verdict in your favor. They may act like your best friend, but do not be deceived. They will try to trick you and leave you with nothing at their first opportunity. Steer far clear of these people.
  • Hire an experienced attorney: An experienced lawyer can help you through every stage of the process, from filing the correct paperwork, standing up to the short-sighted demands of the insurance companies, and arguing on your behalf in a court of law. It is not advisable for anyone to proceed with a complicated injury case without the guidance of an attorney.