Speeding Officer Says His Life Is Over After Crash

Police officers and other law enforcement officials are often expected to be held to the same standards, if not higher standards, than the general public. They are expected to obey the same laws that all other citizens are expected to abide by. While this may be the expectation, law enforcement officers are humans, and like all other humans, make mistakes. When they do make mistakes, however, they may react as other humans might react. Sometimes, they can show concern for their victim. Other times, they seem to only show concern for how the situation affects them, as CBS 12 reports in a story about the released body cam footage of an officer involved in a serious crash.

On July 15th, 2018, off-duty PBSO officer Michael D’Avanzo, ran a stop sign and sped through a residential intersection. He struck the vehicle in which 18-year-old Farrah Fox was traveling. Police report that D’Avanzo was traveling 53 mph, in a 25 mph zone.

The crash seriously injured Fox, who was left in a coma for several weeks with a traumatic brain injury.

The released body cam footage shows D’Avanzo sitting on a stretcher being wheeled to an emergency vehicle.

He could be seen and heard saying, “My life is over.”

The police officer at the scene assured D’Avanzo that his life was not over. Shortly after, D’Avanzo complained that the accident had wrecked a brand new truck.

The SUV that D’Avanzo hit had other injured passengers and ended up in someone’s yard.

Fox, who is now 19, is in a rehab facility in Central Florida. She is having to relearn how to perform basic tasks, such as tying her shoes and getting dressed.

D’Avanzo is set to appear in traffic court next week. He is facing having to pay fines and possible suspension of license.