One Person Still Missing After Boating Accident Which Killed 2 Others

Boating is a fun way that many Floridians and tourists spend recreational time doing. From fishing to pleasure boating, it’s a popular past time, but it can also be very dangerous. In 2017, Florida had a total of 766 boating accidents, 52 more accidents than 2016. 261 of these accidents involved collisions where inattention by the operator was the cause. These accidents led to a total of 67 deaths. When it comes to boating fatalities, falls overboard have been the cause of the majority of deaths. In many of these cases, simply wearing a life jacket would have saved lives.

The Miami Patch reports on a deadly South Beach boat crash that has left 2 dead and 1 missing.

The accident, which occurred on Saturday night, happened when a boat crashed near Government Cut. The location of the crash was not far from where José Fernández, a Miami Marlins pitcher was killed back in 2016.

Ronald Washington of Florida’s Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, which investigates boating crashes, said the vessel crashed and overturned just north of the jetty at Government Cut on Saturday night.

Miami-Dade Fire Rescue fireboats responded to the report of an overturned boat at about 9:21 p.m. on Saturday. MDFR divers were able to locate three people in the vicinity of the accident. Two of them were deceased and the third was injured and taken to a trauma center.

Divers made several passes looking for additional victims. Sonar equipment is also being used in the search.

The investigation into what caused the accident is ongoing.