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Are you or someone you know receiving medical care at South Miami Hospital? You or someone close to you may have been the victim of a car accident, truck accident or motorcycle accident. Or you may have been injured due to the negligence of a doctor or other health care professional.

Before communicating with an insurance company representative, contact Chalik & Chalik. You will receive a free consultation, and you will not have to pay a fee unless you prevail in your lawsuit.

South Miami Hospital is located at 6200 SW 73rd Street, South Miami, FL 33143, which is 9.5 miles from our office at 28 West Flagler Street, #1000, Miami, FL 33130.

South Miami Hospital’s Safety Record gives South Miami Hospital the following ratings:

  1. Breakdown of abdominal incision site – as expected
  2. Death following a serious complication after surgery – as expected
  3. Death in procedures where mortality is usually very low – as expected
  4. Deep blood clots in the lungs or legs following surgery – as expected
  5. Electrolyte and fluid imbalance following surgery – as expected
  6. Excessive bruising or bleeding as a consequence of a procedure or surgery – better than expected
  7. Foreign objects left in body during a surgery or procedure – 1 event
  8. Respiratory failure following surgery – as expected

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