Can New Technology Stop Fort Myers Drivers from Texting and Driving?

Although Florida’s texting while driving ban did not become law this legislative session, there is no denying that the dangers of texting while driving exist and have caused many South Florida car accidents and crashes throughout this nation.

The danger is especially real for teenagers and those sharing the road with teen drivers, as many teenagers are glued to their cell phones and text messages even while driving. Sadly, many drivers of all ages continue to text and drive, even though they know their distracted driving can cause a Fort Myers accident.

Because teenagers are one of the main groups of drivers that have a high percentage of texting and driving accidents, many parents are rightfully concerned. Now, there may be an answer for concerned parents hoping to prevent accidents involving their teens due to texting and driving.

The Answer is New Technology 

Mike Watkins, a Pacific Northwest National Laboratory scientist, created a new technology that tracks a person’s texting patterns. This technology is so advanced that it can tell if a person is normally texting or if they are texting as a driver or passenger.

This technology has not been made into software yet. However, in the foreseeable future, parents may be able to purchase this as a phone app to make sure their teen drivers are not participating in texting while driving. Additionally, this technology may be able to help reduce distracted driving accidents in Florida as a whole.

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