Road Conditions Contribute to Tire-Related Accidents

Many accidents that occur in Florida annually are linked to tire failures or tire blowouts. Tire failures are often the result of inadequate tire pressure, tire tread separation or other factors. However, in some cases, tire failures and tire-related accidents are caused by road conditions like those listed below.


You may try your best to avoid a pothole while driving on the road, but in spite of those efforts, potholes aren’t always easy to avoid. Hitting a pothole can damage the tire’s internal structure severely and can destroy or damage the fabric and rubber, increasing the risk of tire failure. In less serious cases of pothole-related damage, the initial damage is minor and exacerbates over a period of time until it results in full-fledged tire failure.

Debris on Roads 

Debris left over from pickup trucks and other vehicles traveling in front of your car can damage tires seriously enough to cause tire failure. The debris can include everything from stones and pebbles to household items that drop off an unsecured trailer or truck. Colliding with road debris can cause a blowout.

Slick Road Conditions 

Tire blowouts are not the only way in which your tires can cause an accident. Wet, slippery roads, such as after a fresh spell of rain, can cause the tire to skid, leading to a rollover accident. The risk of skidding may be higher shortly after the rain begins as the rainwater mixes with the oil on the road, creating a slick surface that might cause a driver to lose control of the vehicle.

Heavy Rains and Flooding 

The risk of hydroplaning is ever present when you’re driving during a rainstorm. During heavy rains, the road is wet, and there may be flooding. This can increase the risk that your tires will lose contact with the surface of the road in a phenomenon called hydroplaning.

Washed-out Roads 

A washout occurs when heavy rain causes the road to erode quickly. This can create extremely dangerous road conditions as pieces of the road may break apart, creating numerous hazards for drivers. Florida roads may be susceptible during its rainy season when heavy downpours are common.

Deteriorated Road Edges 

If the road is in disrepair, its edges may start to show signs of wear, like cracking. Pieces of the roadway may start to separate from the road. This can create poor roadway conditions that ultimately might damage tire tread or even cause a blowout in severe cases. 

Filing a Claim Compensation if Road Conditions & Defective Tires Caused an Accident 

In any accident caused by tire failure, the resultant claim may center on whether a tire defect caused the failure. Shoddy tire manufacturing and design, tread separation, wheel explosions, tire adhesion failures, and a number of other hazards are linked to defective tires and may leave the manufacturer liable.

Your claim can include the tire manufacturer, distributors, dealers and other parties whose negligence caused the tire failure. If road conditions might have played a role in the accident, a lawyer can help explore government liability for the poor road conditions and the accident.

If harmed because of defective tires, you can file a claim to recover compensation for medical expenses, lost income, pain and suffering, and more. To identify the parties that you can include in your car accident claim for compensation, speak with a car accident lawyer at Chalik and Chalik. Call 855-529-0269 to discuss your claim with a lawyer at our firm.