Gathering Evidence for a Florida Defective Tire Accident

Knowing the steps to take after an accident related to a defective tire can make the difference between a successful injury claim and one that does not hold up to scrutiny. If you were recently injured in an automotive accident that you suspect was caused by tire failure, contact a lawyer to help protect your rights.

Chalik & Chalik has successfully handled numerous consumer safety claims, including those related to defective tires. Our team understands the nuances of defective tire claims and what it takes to establish the manufacturer’s liability in such cases.

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4 Steps to Take after a Defective Tire-Related Accident

We help victims preserve and protect potential injury claims so they may recover fair compensation for their damages. There are several key things to consider if you believe tire failure or defects are the cause of your car accident.

Some of the actions to consider immediately after an accident related to defective tires include:

  1. Collect and preserve physical evidence of the car accident – Your attorney must be able to prove what caused your accident. If you are able, photograph the scene of the accident and your vehicle. If this is not possible (for instance, your injuries were too severe) be certain that your vehicle, tires, accident debris and components are not destroyed.
  2. Obtain a copy of the police report – The police report will provide important information about the accident scene and what likely caused the crash. This may include details about where the vehicles came to rest, whether there were any tire marks on the road and other relevant factors. Your lawyer can help you obtain this information if your injuries prevent you from doing so easily.
  3. Collect witness statements – Ideally, you were able to collect the names and contact information of any witnesses at the scene of the accident. If your injuries prevented this at the time, your lawyer may help you secure this valuable information.
  4. Hire personal injury lawyers who understand defective tire claims – Product liability claims are among the most complicated types of injury claims. Our attorneys have the experience and understanding to handle these types of claims specifically and prove the manufacturer’s liability.


The family-based team at Chalik & Chalik is prepared to help you pursue fair compensation in a claim related to tire failure or defects.