2010 Florida Motorcycle Statistics

The Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles revealed their 2010 Traffic Crash Statistics Report, which highlights motorcycle crash statistics in Florida. The numbers were released in August and indicated that Florida motorcycle fatalities decreased between 2009 and 2010.

The total decrease was approximately 4.7 percent, which works out to about 19 people respectively. Although it is great news that 19 people’s lives were spared, the numbers are still too high. As South Florida motorcycle accident attorneys, we have an interest in motorcycle safety and would like to see fewer crashes and more lives spared.

The 2010 report indicates that there were:

  • 7,484 Florida motorcycle crashes
  • 350 motorcyclists killed
  • 122 unhelmeted motorcyclists killed
  • 6,686 motorcyclists injured


The report also indicated that the age group that was the most affected by motorcycle fatalities was males from 25-34 years of age. This age group accounted for 86 of the motorcycle fatalities that occurred in Florida that year. Following with the second highest fatality rate were 55-64 year olds, claiming 64 males during the same year.

Although the decrease in fatalities is encouraging news, motorcycle crashes in Fort Lauderdale and the surrounding areas still occur too often. Fewer injuries and fatalities could have been influenced by factors such as fewer vehicles on the road due to economic conditions; however, we also recognize that Florida’s motorcycle safety emphasis, education, and enforcement over the past few years has also helped to change drivers’ behaviors and save lives.

It Takes Two

Motorcyclists and drivers of other vehicles on the road need to do a better job of sharing the road in order to avoid South Florida motorcycle accidents, injuries, and fatalities. If everyone does their part, follows the rules of the road, and respects each other, then the roads would be a safer place.

Because motorcycles are difficult to see due to their size, drivers in the larger vehicles need to be especially careful when changing lanes or turning in order to avoid a crash.