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American tire giant BF Goodrich has been making tires since 1870, cementing their success as one of the nations largest tire manufacturers. Goodrich has traditionally been associated with quality, an image that has been tarnished due to a number of defective tires leading to recalls.

Do you own BF Goodrich tires? Have you been involved in an accident as a result of a defective BF Goodrich tire? If so, BF Goodrich may be liable under Florida product liability law. The law states that the manufacturer of a product takes responsibility for it to be hazard-free. If the product is not safe and causes harm, the maker may be held responsible.

BF Goodrich Tire Recalls 

  • August 10, 2015: 233,000 BF Goodrich Commercial T/A All-Season, BFGoodrich Commercial T/A All-Season 2 and BFGoodrich Rugged Terrain T/A. These tires suddenly lost air pressure as a result of a ruptured sidewall in the bead area. This resulted in the risk of losing control of a vehicle or a collision.
  • July 25, 2012: 841,000 BF Goodrich Commercial T/A A/S and Uniroyal Laredo HD/H tires. Recalled for potential separation at the tread and belt edge, resulting in tire air loss and possible accidents.
  • 2005: Some BF Goodrich Land Terrain P235/75R15 tires. Recalled for a missing federally mandated tire tread wear indicator

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BF Goodrich Tire Tread separations

Steel-belted radial tire technology is an accident looking for a place to happen. This is the result of the difficulty in gluing steel to rubber with reliability. Accordingly, there is the potential for tread separation, particularly in hot weather while traveling at highway speeds. In fact, the tire industry verifies tread belt separations are the most common failure of steel belted radials.

The failure of these tires is the result of design and manufacturing defects. Incidents have included Lincoln Navigator accidents with Continental General tires, blow outs and roll over involving Excursions with Firestone Steeltex tires, Load Range E tires by Goodyear and Cooper Tires, and accidents involving Ford Explorers with Firestone ATX and Wilderness tires.

Tread belt separation litigation is not limited to any single tire manufacturer. There have been multiple lawsuits involving Firestone, Goodyear, General Tire, Cooper tires, Uniroyal-Goodrich tires and other manufacturers and tires originating in China.

Tread separation causes

Defective product lawsuits are complicated
You need to be aware of the statute of limitations for filing a defective product lawsuit, which is four years from the date of the injury. If you seek to recover compensation from the manufacturer for your injuries, you must act quickly to contact an experienced defective product attorney and discuss the compensation you deserve.

Product liability law is complicated. The tire must be proven to have been defective and the proximate cause of your accident. We explain the documents and forms needed, and advise you what types of damages you may be eligible to recover.

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To prove liability, it is important to have industry experts who will testify that the tire is defective and that the defect was the cause of the accident. We will perform an investigation to help you recover financial compensation for your injury.

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