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Being involved in a serious accident can be frustrating, confusing, overwhelming and stressful—choose someone you can trust to take on your case. We have been helping accident victims get back on their feet for over thirty years.

We know the importance of having someone on your side, who will listen to your story and fight for your rights. Our firm is family owned and those values associated with family are very important to our mission. We fight for you and handle your case as if you were family.

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We have been fighting for victims of Florida car accidents for decades.



Automobile accident. Defective tire incident.



Settlement. Defective tire case, Bridgestone and Ford.



Pedestrian accident resulting in a pelvic injury.



Catastrophic brain injury due to a defective product



Injury Accidents in Florida

Hundred of thousands of injuries occur every year on Florida roads.
In Florida, drivers face many hazards that result from our position as a destination for both vacationers and people looking to relocate. Our unique fusion of in-state residents and out-of-town visitors can lead to congested and unsafe roadways. Areas in South Florida also see distracted drivers moving at high speeds and frustrated drivers attempting to maneuver through rush hour traffic.

Since 2013, over 200,000 people have been injured every year in traffic accidents throughout Florida. Of the total crashes, over 2000 each year have involved fatalities. No matter what has caused your car accident, you deserve to be compensated if you have been injured due to someone else’s negligence. Call us today to get started.

Jason Chalik handled my auto accident case in early 2011. The entire process was incredibly simple. From the first time I called into their office, I felt comfortable with the…

- A Personal Injury Client

I wanted to thank you for being there for me through the whole suit. I know that I was a pest a few times when I didn’t understand something, and…

- Mr. Darrell Nantz

Just wanted to say thank you for all the wonderful help. From beginning to end it has been a pleasure dealing with you and Chalik&Chalik. There was very little to…

- Frank McKee

I want to express my gratitude regarding your firm’s handling of my case. From my first meeting with Charles to my latest phone conversation with Dell regarding my settlement check,…

- William Sarro

I would like to extend a very big Thank You to Chalik & Chalik Law Office. In 2009 I came across Chalik & Chalik law office to help me with my…

- Jenny & Ulysses Burgos

It’s a funny story about how I found Debi Chalik’s office to represent me. I don’t remember! Through the whole case from start to finish, they took care of all…

- Eric Brown

I retained Chalik & Chalik, P.A. to represent me in my accident case. I have been more than satisfied in the outcome of said case. Mr. Chalik took the time…

- Robert H. Ploger

Good morning and God bless.  This is to say, I appreciate all of you for the service and work that you have completed for me and on my behalf.  I…

- Dr. Lurine Smith

Debi and the team at Chalik and Chalik got the job done. I gave them a big hug after everything was said and done. They are a wonderful law firm…

- Eric Brown

Thank you very much for the hard work and the professional manner in which you handled my case. I am very pleased with the result. Your office did an excellent…

- Dorothy Blackwood


Outdoor Accidents in Florida

In Florida we see many accidents specific to this being a tourist destination.
These include boating accidents, parasailing accidents, drowning, property owner liability, dog bites, brain injury and many more. The sunny days of Florida draw many outdoors for recreation and relaxation. The amount of people who ride bicycles or walk to get around town is higher than in many of the northern locations.

Pedestrians and cyclists are particularly vulnerable. With an increase in pedestrians, tragic accidents happen. Pedestrians have been hit by cars, motorcycles and even buses on Florida roadways.

We will travel to any location necessary to meet with you to hear your case. We cover locations in and around South Florida – Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Plantation, Fort Myers, Orlando, Tampa, Jacksonville and more.

Bicycle and pedestrian injuries can be severe and even fatal. It is sad to see a beautiful sunny day end up as time spent in a hospital bed or worse.

These accidents can cause an enormous disruption to all aspects of your life. Besides the pain and long-term consequences of the physical injury, accident victims may also struggle with lost wages, hospital bills, ongoing medical costs, emotional trauma, and financial setbacks. These problems can be all the more frustrating if another person was responsible for what happened to you or your loved one.

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We personally fight for changes to the parasailing industry, which is not regulated enough to keep people safe.

Parasailing has been one of the most talked about injuries in Florida in the recent years, due to the increasing number of accidents. This fun activity has ended in tragedy many times. For more information on our fight for changes, check out our page about Amber Mae White.

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