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Pep Boys had an interesting start in the auto industry as an auto parts store. Four Navy friends pooled $800 and set up an auto parts business in August 1921. Originally called Pep Auto Supplies, it was founded by Manny Rosenfeld, Moe Strauss, Jack Graham and Moe Radavitz.

Over the last few decades the business grew and expanded. The Pep Boys empire encompasses over 800 stores, featuring roughly 7,500 service bays in 35 states and Puerto Rico. Pep Boys was noted for its repair capability, auto parts delivery, full-service vehicle maintenance and being one of the largest sellers of replacement tires in the United States.

Defective Tire Recalls

A series of Pep Boys tires recalls were initiated due to a tread separation issue. Pep Boys does not make their own tires. They are manufactured by Cooper Tire, and as a result of a number of significant accidents, Cooper Tire and Pep Boys have been named as defendants in numerous product liability lawsuits.

The bulk of the recalls were for the Definity Dakota H/t and there were four separate recalls issued for this particular tire model.

  • October 2006 — recalled 8,583 units due to defective belt wire coating, allowing belt separation due to inability to stop corrosion of steels wires in steel belt
  • March 2010 — recalled 424 units due to chunks of the tires coming loose while in service
  • June 2012 — recalled 10,236 tires due to tread separation
  • July 2012 — recalled 537 units due to tread separation

Lawsuits launched in cases relation to accidents caused by defective Definity Dakota H/t were based on manufacturer negligence.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) contaminated rubber was used to make a number of Pep Boys tires. When contaminated rubber is used to manufacture tires, there is a high risk the tread can separate quickly in the early stages of the tire’s life cycle. Vehicle owners with new tires would not think the tires would be defective and not expect the possibility of a sudden separation resulting in a rollover.

Tire Lawsuit Results

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Who is Eligible to File for Damages Due to a Defective Recalled Pep Boys Tire?

Have you sustained serious injuries in a rollover accident? Have you been involved in an accident caused by defective tires? Was someone killed in a rollover or accident caused by defective tires? If you have been in an accident where defective Pep Boys tires were involved, you can file a claim for damages against the at fault party. If you own defective tires, but have not been in an accident, you may not file a personal injury claim.

At fault parties, usually referred to as defendants in a defective product lawsuit may include, but not be limited to:

You May Receive Compensation for Your Personal Injury Claim

Compensation possibly received from a settlement or due to an award from the court may include, but not be limited to:

In Florida, you have four years from the date of your car accident to get your case started.


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To prove liability, it is important to have industry experts who will testify that the tire is defective and that the defect was the cause of the accident. We will perform an investigation to help you recover financial compensation for your injury.

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