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Firestone Tire Defects

In 1990, the Ford Explorer was introduced to the marketplace. It sold very well, but the passengers were unaware that the tires on their vehicle were an accident waiting to happen.

Before these vehicles were made available to the public, Ford engineers were expressing grave concerns about the risk of rollovers with the SUV as manufactured. Ford gave the vehicle some minor fixes and called it good to go.

Not long after the vehicles were selling well, numerous rollover reports were received. What troubled attorneys dealing with the resulting personal injury cases was that the vehicles were not being driven in conditions that should have caused accidents. Numerous investigations were launched to determine why the rollovers were happening with such regularity. Ultimately, there were over 250 deaths and 3,000 serious injuries as a result of defective Ford Explorer tires.

In almost all of the accidents, the cause of the rollover was tread separation. Tread on the Ford Explorers peeled off, causing tire disintegration and blowout. Even at moderate speeds a tire blowout can result in serious injuries or death. Travelling at highway speeds just increases the risk of blowouts.

Numerous lawsuits were filed seeking justice, compensation and answers to why defective tires were on Ford Explorers in the first place and why were they used if they were dangerous? Ford and Firestone vehemently denied liability.

Defective Firestone Tire Recalls

  • 2000 — Firestone Wilderness All Terrain (AT) tires were the subject of a Public Citizen push to recall the tires.
  • 2000 (later) — Firestone and Ford recalled over 6.5 million Wilderness AT tires. The National Highway Transportation Administration (NHTSA), reported that only 90,259 of those tires were taken out of service.
  • 2001 — another recall involving tires not included in first recall followed by another recall after that and yet the problem continued for years.
  • 2008 — recalled 135,000 Firestone FR380 P235/75 in Canada and the U.S. Manufacturer admitted to production defect, insufficient tread base gauge, that led to tire failure.
  • 2009 — recalled more Firestone FR380 P235/75r15, expanding on the first recall to include tires that were missed the in the first recall.

Tire Lawsuit Results

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What Vehicles Were Equipped With Defective Firestone Tires?

Manufacturer Model Model Years
Ford Explorer 1991-2000
Mercury Mountaineer 1996-2000
Ford Ranger (Pick-Up Truck) 1991-2000
Ford F-Series Light Trucks 1991-1994
Ford Bronco 1991-1994
Mazda B-Series (Pick-Up Truck) 1994-1996
Mazda Navajo 1991-1994

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For many years owners of Ford Explorer’s and other vehicles had no idea their Firestone tires had a dangerous safety defect. While Ford and Firestone were aware of the risks of tire tread separation, they said nothing and allowed defective tires to go to market, placing thousands of people in peril. They hid the defect even though they knew the problem was deadly serious and increased the risks of serious or fatal rollover accidents.

Our lawyers at Chalik & Chalik stand up against large corporations such as Firestone and their massive legal departments. We have years of experience helping defective tire accident survivors seek fair and equitable compensation and justice.

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