Who is Responsible for Florida Slip and Fall Injuries?

There are two main types of slip and fall accidents:

Elevated falls – These occur when a person falls from one level down onto another.

They can be as simple as tripping off a sidewalk into the road, or as complex as falling off scaffolding on a construction site.

Same-level falls – These occur when a person slips and falls onto ground at the same level they were standing on before.

For example, in a wet supermarket aisle, or as the result of a tripping hazard in a department store.

Determining Fault

In every fall there is always a root cause that contributed to the fall, it is up to the injured party to prove who or what was the cause. Documentation is key in providing evidence of the neglect or carelessness of the property owner.  Witnesses are also a good resource for providing evidence in a premises liability case.  Make sure you obtain all the right documentation of your accident to provide to the courts later.

Who is Responsible

Most premises liability cases are against one or the other types of parties:

  1. Business owners – Business owners, whether they are a gas station or apartment building complex, have a responsibility to anyone who comes on their property. Some of the most common businesses who face these risks are grocery stores, restaurants, and even amusement parks.  All business owners must keep their places of business free of hazards, and mark anything that could be dangerous. If they are negligent in living up to this responsibility, they can be held liable for injuries that can result.
  1. Homeowners – It’s not only business owners who can be held liable for slip and fall accidents. Homeowners, if they fail to build features such as walkways and stairwells to code, can also be held responsible for any injuries that occur from slipping or tripping on their property.  Many homeowners with pools or playground equipment in their yards are liable for children playing in or around them.  There are many precautions that a homeowner must take to keep their property safe.

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