Parasailing Safety Checklist

Whether you’re soaring over the waters off Fort Lauderdale Beach or floating gently along the shores of the Florida Keys, parasailing is a fun and exciting activity nearly anyone can enjoy. Before you strap into your harness, there are questions to ask and steps to take to ensure your whole family has a safe and fun time over the water!

Choosing a Parasailing Professional

Ask around your local beach or marina for recommendations on parasailing companies. By choosing a licensed, well-established company you can decrease your risk of parasailing accidents due to inexperienced staff or poorly maintained equipment.

  • Find out how long the company has been in business.
  •  Review the operator’s license – they should have both a state and a city or county business license.
  •  Ask if the boat captain is licensed by the U.S. Coast Guard.
  •  Review the company policy on weather cancellations.
  •  Meet the staff and ask any questions you have about the parasailing experience.
  •  Ask to inspect the equipment used during parasailing flights to ensure it is well maintained.
  •  Request to see any accident reports or safety records for the operator.

Are You Ready To Parasail?

  • Check the weather and call the parasailing company to discuss any concerns you may have.
  •  Complete any necessary requirements such as safety training, medical checkups, etc.
  •  Ask about the best type of clothing to wear for your flight.
  •  Prepare sun protection for a typical day at the beach including sunscreen and light colored clothing.
  •  If you have any specific medical concerns such as prescription glasses, ask about accommodations for your needs.

Signs of a Potentially Dangerous Parasailing Excursion

  • Poor weather conditions that are not addressed by the crew.
  • Rusted metal, frayed straps, or ripped canvas on the parasailing equipment.
  • Poorly maintained boats.
  • Crew members who are unable to answer your basic questions.

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