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Product liability claims address injuries caused by a manufacturer’s defect or other company error. Products that have been placed on the market even though they are defective or dangerous cause thousands of injuries to consumers in the U.S. every year. Jason and Debi Chalik have handled numerous cases stemming from auto defects, such as tire failure and other accidents related to auto safety.

If a dangerous product makes it to market, all parties within the chain of manufacture are liable for any injury or damage caused by that product. Broadly stated, laws obligate manufacturers to create products that meet ordinary expectations of a consumer — including the expectation that the product will not cause harm. However, there is no federal law covering product liability, and dangerous product cases in Florida are based on Florida laws and standards of negligence.

An attorney may seek to prove that a manufacturer had an opportunity to improve the safety of the product but failed to do so. Meanwhile, a claim also must prove that the auto product was being used correctly at the time of the malfunction or accident.

These are complicated and time-consuming tasks. In many cases, they are best left to attorneys experienced in handling claims involving auto defects.

Speak to someone at our firm to learn more about your potential claim. These cases are complex and can be overwhelming for someone who doesn’t have experience handling car accident cases in Florida caused by equipment failure. Our lawyers have that experience. Call 954-414-5737 or (855) 529-0269 to learn more about our personal injury services.

A defect can occur during the design, manufacturing or shipping stages. A marketing error occurs when a product is incorrectly labeled or the manufacturer or seller fails to provide sufficient instructions for safe use. Any of these mistakes constitutes neglect and liability.

An Overview of Auto Defects and Liability Claims

Millions of car accidents occur every year in the United States. In Florida alone, there were more than 373,000 accidents in 2015, according to statistics from the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles. Many of these accidents are caused by vehicle or auto part defects. In other cases, injuries are worsened or death occurs because safety equipment fails in the event of a crash.

In order to be successful when filing a claim related to a defective tire – or any defective auto product claim, for that matter – you must be able to demonstrate manufacturer liability. In order to establish a manufacturer’s liability, you must prove that the vehicle or its components were defective and/or dangerous. Further, you must prove these conditions caused injury or death to you or a loved one. We have the legal know-how and case experience to build such a claim.

To prove liability, it is important to have industry experts who will testify that the tire is defective and that the defect was the cause of the accident. If you suffered an injury in a motor vehicle accident that was caused by a defective tire, call us. We will perform an investigation and recover financial compensation to help you recover from your injury.

Understanding How Auto Part Failures Occur

Since the National Traffic and Motor Vehicle Safety Act was passed in 1966, nearly 390 million vehicles, 46 million tires and 66 million vehicle components have been the subject of safety recalls. This exposed millions of American consumers to dangerous products and potential accidents. Unfortunately, some defects go undetected until a consumer is in a crash stemming from such a defect.

Tires, airbags, power steering controls, brakes, and seat belts are among the many types of automotive products and components subject to failure and product recall. When these products fail, they can cause accidents, such as in the case of a tire with tread separation or faulty brake lines. In other cases, the defective product can worsen injury or cause death in the event of a crash, such as if airbags fail to deploy during a collision (or deploy in minor fender benders, causing unnecessary injury) or if seatbelts snap during an accident.

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