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Losing a family member is always painful, but it can be made all the more difficult if they passed a result of someone else’s negligent actions. If you believe you lost a family member due to another party’s negligence, you may have the right to recover damages related to your loss, financial compensation that could help ease the stress during an already painful time.

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Common Causes of Wrongful Death

A wide variety of accidents can quickly become fatal. Here are a few common causes of wrongful death in St. Petersburg:

Car Accidents

Car accidents are a very common cause of wrongful death. A few of the common causes of these fatal car accidents include:

Boating Accidents

While boating accidents are sometimes the result of equipment failure, they are more often the result of operator inattention, improper lookout, inexperience, and alcohol.

Medical Malpractice

Johns Hopkins reports that the number of deaths occurring as a result of medical error is much higher than previously believed. If your loved one died from a mistake made by a medical professional, a wrongful death attorney in St. Petersburg can help you recover compensation.

Slip and Fall Accidents

Slip and fall accidents can cause death if an injured party hits his head or suffers complications from his injuries.

Defective Products

Defective products can cause not only serious injury but also death. The products where a defect is most dangerous can include pharmaceutical drugs, dangerous foods, household chemicals, or vehicle parts.

On-the-Job Accidents

Fatal accidents can happen in any industry; however, they are more common in the construction industry. Regardless of how your loved one’s fatal work accident occurred, we can help.

If you have lost a family member for any of these reasons or as a result of another type of accident, as painful as it may be, you have the right to fight for damages as a result of wrongful death. Contact a St. Petersburg wrongful death attorney on the team of Chalik & Chalik Injury Lawyers for a free review of your case. Call now at (855) 529-0269.

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Types of Damages You Can Recover in a Wrongful Death Claim

The surviving spouse, children, and parents have the right to pursue damages after losing a loved one. The financial compensation can help alleviate untold stress during what is already a very painful time.

Each case is unique and we cannot estimate the damages you could recover as a result of your lawsuit without first investigating your circumstances. Some of the damages, though, that victims have recovered in wrongful death claims include:

How Florida’s Statute of Limitations May Impact Your Claim

Florida law (VIII.95.11) states that a family has two years from the date of the victim’s death to pursue damages in court. It is important to note that the clock starts ticking on that two-year deadline starting on the date of death and not the date of the accident.

How a St. Petersburg Wrongful Death Lawyer Can Assist with Your Claim

If you lost a loved one as a result of someone else’s negligence, you may be overwhelmed at the idea of pursuing damages related to your loss. Regardless, if you find yourself faced with medical bills and a family to support on your own, the financial compensation for your damages can take a substantial burden off your shoulders during an already challenging time.

A St. Petersburg wrongful death lawyer can help to further alleviate that burden. Some ways a wrongful death attorney can help include:

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