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You always dreamed of the moment you began your own family. You imagined the joy and happiness when you were finally able to meet your newborn child. This moment was quickly ruined as you learned there was something wrong with your baby. You were immediately filled with concern, confusion, and anger.

What happened? What led you and your family to this moment? It is not always clear what causes birth injuries. What is clear, however, is the impact they have on you and your child’s life. The lawyers at Chalik & Chalik Injury Lawyers are here for you during this difficult time. We will help you figure out what went wrong. Call us today at 904-549-6065.

Birth Injuries—What Can Go Wrong

A birth injury occurs when there is a problem during labor and delivery. Most births are successful, leaving both mother and baby healthy. But sometimes, problems occur, and the baby suffers a birth injury.

Common Birth Injury Causes

Birth injuries can occur from any of the following causes:

Most of these causes point to some form of negligence. All physicians and hospital staff have a legal and ethical duty of care to their patients. Failing to monitor vitals or making mistakes breaches this legal duty of care.

These mistakes often cost the baby the most. Birth injuries might include:

Any of these birth injury complications can leave parents in a difficult place. It is possible your child will require a lifetime of medical procedures, which can become costly. It is also possible you or your partner may have to leave work to provide your baby with the full-time care she requires.

The birth injury lawyers at Chalik & Chalik Injury Lawyers understand what you are going through. We are here for you and will help get to the bottom of what happened. Call us today at 904-549-6065.

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File By the Deadline to Collect Birth Injury Compensation

If you think your newborn’s injury is due to a medical mistake, it is important you act as soon as possible. Otherwise, you risk losing your eligibility to collect compensation. Florida requires that we file all birth injury cases within two years from the birth date.

It can be difficult to identify some injuries until the child misses important developmental milestones. In this case, we must file within two years from the date the injury should have been reasonably discovered. Begin the investigation into your child’s birth injury as soon as possible by reaching out to a birth injury lawyer in Jacksonville, FL, today.

How We Assist with Your Birth Injury Case

Speaking with a birth injury lawyer will not reverse the injury your baby has suffered. However, it can make her life easier and give you the chance to provide the medical and assistive care she might require.

Complimentary Consultation

Parents entrust the care of their newborn to hospital staff. They expect that they know what to do. When mistakes happen, it is not always easy to identify responsibility.

A complimentary consultation gives us the chance to learn more about your case. From here, we determine the best legal steps going forward. Schedule a complimentary consultation today with one of our compassionate birth injury lawyers at 904-549-6065.

Identify Fault

Not only is identifying fault an important part of your case, but it is normal to want to know the details leading to your newborn’s injury. We investigate the details of your case, uncovering what really happened during labor and delivery.

We build our case with the following information:

An expert witness is a valuable part of your case. By interviewing another birthing physician, we can better understand what to expect and how your labor and delivery differed from expectations.

Recover Damages

Raising a child is expensive on its own. When you factor in the additional medical expenses and assistive care your child might need, this cost can become unmanageable. Our team of birth injury lawyers fights to get you the compensation you deserve to make your child’s life easier. We work to recover the following damages:

We know having a child with an injury is life-changing. It is necessary we also share this reality with the responsible party. It is only right that they cover these costs and learn from their mistake.

Understanding how the birth injury has affected you and your newborn’s life can also help us better evaluate any settlement offers. Sometimes, medical malpractice or birth injury cases include a settlement offer. If a settlement offer does not fully cover your damages, our personal injury lawyers in Jacksonville are ready to fight to get you what you deserve.

Speak with a Birth Injury Lawyer in Jacksonville, FL, Today

You and your family waited for this day a long time. Yet, within seconds, you find out a medical mistake might have left your newborn with an injury. Let us help.

We are familiar with Florida’s laws and fight to get you the justice you deserve. Our team handles all the legal filings, negotiations, and legal steps, allowing you to focus on your family. Call a birth injury lawyer in Jacksonville, FL today at Chalik & Chalik Injury Lawyers at 904-549-6065.

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