Rollover Truck Accident Lawyer Fort Lauderdale, FL

Rollover accidents involving large trucks can occur at any time on the roads in and around Fort Lauderdale. These accidents can quickly turn into multi-car collisions, leading to injuries and significant property damage.

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Large Trucks and Rollover Accidents in Fort Lauderdale

Any vehicle could be involved in a rollover accident in Fort Lauderdale, but large vehicles – including 18-wheelers and semi-trucks – can be at a higher level of risk. In fact, according to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA):

There were 4,657 fatal crashes involving 18-wheelers and semi-trucks in 2017. This means that around 186 of these crashes were the result of a rollover accident.

Causes for Rollover Truck Accidents in Fort Lauderdale

Determining the cause of a truck rollover accident in Fort Lauderdale can be important when it comes to securing you the compensation you need. It can be easier to get maximum damages if your truck accident lawyer can prove that the truck driver caused the collision.

In fact, many rollover accidents are caused by 18-wheeler and semi-truck drivers. The most common causes of rollover accidents involving large trucks were:

Failure to Adjust Speed

Truck drivers must adjust their speed for:

Failure to properly slow down can cause the truck to rollover.

Lack of Attention to the Road

Truck drivers are expected to drive for long periods of time. This can easily lead to fatigue and distraction, which makes it harder to drive safely. Drivers may even fall asleep at the wheel.

Improper Steering

Truck drivers who oversteer, understeer, or counter-steer can end up rolling their vehicles over. In many cases, truck drivers begin to drift and then try to overcorrect.

Failure to Handle a Load Properly

We count on large trucks to haul large loads. However, if these loads become unbalanced or unsecured they can exert tremendous forces on the truck. A load that is improperly handled can easily cause a rollover event.

Injuries Caused by Truck Rollover Crashes in Fort Lauderdale

A rollover accident in Fort Lauderdale can be incredibly dangerous for the truck driver, other motorists, and even pedestrians. A truck could roll onto another vehicle. Additionally, rollover accidents often lead to additional collisions, as drivers try to avoid hitting the 18-wheeler or semi-truck that rolled. These circumstances could result in:

You can get help securing compensation for your medical expenses if you were hurt in a rollover accident involving a truck. A wrongful death lawyer in Fort Lauderdale can also offer you the legal guidance you need if you lost a family member in a rollover accident.

Options to Secure Compensation for Rollover Accidents

Your first option for getting the damages you need after an accident in Florida will be your personal injury protection (PIP) and property damage liability (PDL) coverage. You must carry these policies through your car insurance in Fort Lauderdale.

However, these policies can only offer you up to $10,000 in compensation. If you were seriously injured by a truck rollover accident, you could be entitled to additional compensation. Your truck accident lawyer can go over your situation to determine if you could seek damages through:

Jason and Debi Chalik can start going over your legal options right away after a rollover accident. Let them determine your best options for getting maximum compensation to cover your:

Get Compensation After a Truck Rollover Accident in Fort Lauderdale

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