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Prolapsed umbilical cord is a problem that occurs before or at the time of delivery of the baby. The prolapse is marked by the umbilical cord dropping, or prolapsing, through the cervix into the birth canal before the baby. Umbilical cord prolapse takes place in about one in every 300 births. If your child has suffered from a prolapsed umbilical cord, call our Fort Lauderdale birth injury attorneys today for a free consultation.

The condition is most commonly caused by a premature fracture of the membranes containing the amniotic fluid. Other possible causes are:

A prolapsed umbilical cord can be very dangerous for the fetus. At the time of delivery, the fetus can place stress on the cord, which can cause the fetus to lose oxygen, and could lead to a stillbirth. There are many ways in which a physician can detect a prolapsed umbilical cord. The physician should use a fetal heart rate monitor to gauge the baby’s heart rate at the time of delivery. In the event there is a prolapsed umbilical cord, the baby could have a condition known as bradycardia, which is marked by a heart rate of fewer than 120 beats per minute.

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