Five Critical Tips for Parents of South Florida Teen Drivers

As a parent, you want to protect your child from danger; however, when your child starts learning how to drive, it can be a scary time. You may find yourself not wanting to hand over the keys to your teen driver and being fearful of your child driving without you. If you find yourself asking how you can play a critical role in your teen’s driving, then you need to read these points for parents:

  1. Get informed about the state’s driver’s licensing rules and restrictions. A lot has changed since you got your driver’s license, and you need to find out what Florida’s rules are that your teen driver should follow.
  2. Take action regarding the learning-to-drive process. Get in the car with your child and teach them about safety on the road. Find out if they have any concerns, and address them.
  3. Share your wisdom. Over the years of driving, you may have learned some hard lessons that can help your son or daughter and prevent a South Florida teen crash. It is wise to share your lessons learned, even if it is only about stopping distance, car maintenance, or passenger safety.
  4. Supervise their driving practice. Although your teen driver will go through a driver’s education and instruction program, you should still monitor your teen’s driving. The more you are with your child in the car, the more time he or she can get behind the wheel and can learn from you.
  5. Communicate with your teen driver. Talk with your son or daughter about his or her readiness to drive, what it takes to be a smart driver, and the responsibility he or she will have at the wheel.


The more parents do to get involved with their teen’s learning to drive, the better things will be for the entire family. Before your teen driver gets his or her driver’s license, it is wise to talk about driving rules. Every home should have rules for new drivers that may include curfews, no passengers in the car, paying for their own car insurance or gasoline, or many other restrictions.

By discussing these rules beforehand and taking part in this critical time in your teenager’s life, you can help keep your teen safe and protect other motorists on the road. If your teen driver was injured in a South Florida auto accident, you may need to speak with a Fort Lauderdale personal injury lawyer to find out your rights.