Pirelli Tire Manufacturer Lawsuit

Over the past couple of decades, victims injured in accidents caused by defective tires have filed a number of product liability lawsuits against manufacturers, both American and international. Pirelli has been no exception. Pirelli SpA and its American counterpart Pirelli Tire North America have faced legal action claiming that the company’s defective tires contributed to injuries and fatalities.

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Pirelli Defective Tire Lawsuits

Victims of accidents caused by defective Pirelli tires have filed a number of product liability lawsuits against the company. One lawsuit in New York sought $75 million in damages for catastrophic injuries incurred in a 2000 accident involving a defective tire. According to the lawsuit, the accident occurred because of tread separation on a 1989 Volvo. The motorist in this case was left paralyzed and died weeks after the accident.

In 2007, a Mexican family claimed that the company provided defective tires in an accident involving a GMC pickup. The pickup had Pirelli tires and flipped over because of a right rear tire failure.

If you were involved in an accident that you believe was caused by a defective Pirelli tire, you may have options for compensation.

Pirelli Defective Tire Recalls

In some cases, a lawsuit may be related to a tire recall. Over the past decade, the company has recalled thousands of tires for a range of defects:

Am I eligible for damages in a Pirelli tire lawsuit?

If you were in an injurious or fatal accident involving a motor vehicle equipped with Pirelli tires, speak with a lawyer about your case. These cases are tried under U.S. product liability laws, which are different from the laws that apply to a regular accident claim. In a defective tire lawsuit, you have to prove that your injuries were the direct result of the malfunctioning tire.

Innocent motorists should never be placed in danger of serious injuries or even death because of the failure of tire companies to maintain quality control in their design, manufacturing and production processes. Unfortunately, far too often, companies compromise during the design and production processes, leading to a defective tires installed in unsuspecting motorists’ cars.

Product liability claims, like those filed to recover compensation for damages caused by a defective tire, can be complicated and involve complex areas of the law. These lawsuits also require extensive financial and legal resources because of the exhaustive investigations required to prove a defective tire caused the accident. If you suffered injuries in an accident caused by a defective Pirelli tire, you could recover compensation for your losses and expenses.

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