Pep Boys Tire Recalls

A series of Pep Boys tire recalls is linked to tread separation resulting in accidents and injuries. Pep Boys tires are manufactured by Cooper Tire and Rubber Company, and the company is named in product liability lawsuits filed by persons who were injured in these accidents.

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Recalls for Defective Pep Boys Tires

Many Pep Boys recalls are linked to the defective Pep Boys Definity Dakota H/t tire model, which was recalled during the course of four separate recalls.

The company announced a recall in July 2012 that included 537 units of tires. According to the company, tread separation can cause a motorist to lose control of the vehicle, increasing the risk of rollover.

Other recalls by Cooper Tire & Rubber Company include:

Manufacturer negligence is the cause of several of these recalls. For instance, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration claims that contaminated rubber was used in the manufacture of many of the Pep Boys tires manufactured by Cooper Tire & Rubber Company and caused tread separation. Contaminated tread can separate quickly in the early stages of the tire. This is dangerous because an owner may not expect his or her new tire to have a serious risk of separation causing a rollover.

Who can file a claim for damages because of a recalled Pep Boys tire?

A person who has sustained injuries in a rollover accident or any other automobile accident caused by a defective tire or families of persons killed in such accidents can file claims for damages. You must have been in an accident to file a claim against the liable party. Simply owning defective tires does not entitle the consumer to file a personal injury claim.

The following parties typically are named in defective tire lawsuits:

Your injury claim can claim compensation for:

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