Florida has a Move Over law

Have you ever zoomed by a car or a crash on the side of the highway without slowing down or moving over a lane? Many of us have; however, Florida has a Move Over law in place, and motorists are required to move over one lane if an emergency vehicle is on the side of the highway.

This law is not only intended to keep law enforcement officers protected from harm; it is intended to protect all of us. What if you were broken down on the side of the road – trapped in your car with nowhere to go until first responders arrive? You would want to make sure that you and the emergency responders that arrived on scene were protected, right?

This is why motorists in Florida are required to change lanes or slow down to 20 mph below the posted speed limit if they cannot move over one lane. If motorists do not obey the Florida Move Over law, they may be ticketed and fined. The Florida Highway Patrol is dedicating the month of February to making motorists more aware of the Move Over campaign.

As South Florida accident attorneys, we want to remind you about the law in order to reduce potential Florida car crashes. If an emergency vehicle is displaying flashing lights on the side of the road, the Move Over law requires:

  • Drivers be alert and pay attention.
  • Motor vehicle drivers move out of the lane that is nearest the emergency vehicle when traveling on a road with two or more lanes going in the same direction as the emergency vehicle.
  • If a driver cannot move over safely on a two-lane road, the driver must slow down to 20 mph below the speed limit.

Because we all want to make sure the roadways are safe for emergency personnel and for all motorists, make sure you move over one lane the next time you see flashing lights on the side of the highway.