Causes of Ozone Cracking

We all notice when a new line appears on our face due to aging, but not everyone notices when their tires start getting lines or cracks from age or from other elements. When this happens, it is possible that ozone cracking in tires has occurred.

There are three main causes of ozone cracking:

  • Defects in manufacturing and design
  • The way the tire was stored
  • Maintenance by the vehicle owner

Tire Manufacturer Defects

Tire manufacturers have the responsibility of designing and manufacturing every tire precisely so that defects don’t occur. When a tire manufacturer doesn’t offset ozone cracking by adding the proper antiozonants to the rubber, ozone cracking may occur at a faster rate. Ozone cracking in tires happens when O3 gas is exposed to the tires for an extended period of time, causing the tire rubber’s polymer chains to break down and creating cracks in the sidewall of the tire. When the chemical substances are not added to the tires during manufacturing, or it is not done properly, then a tire defect could take place.

Improper Storage

Used, new, and even retreaded tires often sit in storage for long periods of time. Whether the tires are sitting in a pile or they are on a truck or car that is not being used, the tires are not being cared for and maintained properly. If tires sit in a warehouse or yard for too long and are being exposed to ozone in the atmosphere or from equipment that produces ozone, then ozone cracking in tires can occur.

Vehicle Owner Neglect

As the owner of a vehicle, your job is to take care of your car and the tires on your vehicle. This includes checking the tire pressure, making sure the tires aren’t sitting for too long, and checking for cracks in the tires. Rubber will crack over time, but cracking is accelerated with heat, ozone, sunlight, vehicle exhaust, and more.

Cracks in the sidewall of a tire can cause the tire to weaken and blow out. This can often cause a South Florida car accident to occur. When this happens, you should collect the tires pieces (if possible) and call a skilled Florida tire lawyer for help determining if you have a tire defect case.